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Congratulations on making it this far!

Thanks for downloading Pebble Beach. I'm sure you'll find lots of big and little things that should be improved. Please tell me!  I can't see the problems any more, I've been looking at this track for too long.  I'd be happy to consider any suggestions for a future release.

Thanks for your help, talents, and time. Please send rants, raves, suggestions, or whatever to me at GPL {at} JimTurley {dot} com

 --Jim "RoadHazard" Turley


You can download the latest version here (RaceSim Central site). 

If that doesn't work for some reason, you can right-click the links below.

Right-click here (Tripod backup site).

Right-click here (Yahoo backup site).

If neither of these links work, I can e-mail the files to you (approx 3.5 MB).

Please e-mail comments, problems, rants, or raves to me: GPL {at} JimTurley {dot} com.