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"Jim is always a great speaker! He really knows how to keep the audience awake."

-- Embedded Systems Conference (ESC) attendee

Whether it's a short keynote or an 8-hour in-depth technical session, we're on call for you. Specializing in both high-level corporate (i.e., non-technical) presentations to professionals and in-depth analysis for engineering teams, we deliver what you need.

Jim is consistently rated the best, most popular, and most informative speaker at tough events like Microprocessor Forum and Embedded Systems Conference. That's why he's invited back year after year.

Here are just some of the venues where Jim has presented everything from keynote speeches, to day-long intensive seminars, to public and private technology feedback and analysis:

  • Microprocessor Forum, California
  • Embedded Technology Leadership Awards, California
  • Handheld & PDA Expo, California
  • Robertson Stephens financial conferences, California
  • Merrill Lynch financial conferences, London UK
  • Telecosm/Gilder Technology conferences, London UK
  • Dynamic Silicon technology conference, California
  • Embedded Processor Forum, California
  • ARM Partners' Meeting, Cambridge UK
  • Embedded Systems Conferences East, West, and Europe
  • VLSI Partner's Meeting, Arizona

"First, let me congratulate you on a terrific seminar. It was delivered superbly. I have done a fair amount of public speaking but was amazed at your ability to talk coherently... for over 8 hours. Wow!"

-- Motorola executive

"Turley [is] fine in print but it is on the stage that he excels."

-- senior editor, weekly business publication

Whether it's for fun or profit, technical or lighthearted, your event can benefit from a speaker who knows his stuff Contact us for further details.

"Excellent speaker. I would like to see this class expanded... longer than 1 hours."

-- Embedded Systems Conference (ESC) attendee

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