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We use in-depth technical understanding of microprocessors and the business issues related to intellectual property (IP) to guide both producers and consumers toward wise business decisions.

Analysis can help your product team select the right CPU, DSP, or IP core for your product needs. Performance, price, power, support, and future roadmap are all evaluated.

Product Evaluations are objective, informed, and blunt. Can your new product measure up? We'll tell you how your next brainchild measures up against the current -- and future -- competitors you're likely to face.

Writing and Editing for journals, magazines, research reports, in-house newsletters, and product presentations is more effective when your editor knows the material. More than just wordsmithing, we provide understanding.

Speaking and Training are particular specialties. From 20-minute keynotes to all-day seminars, you'll get insight, humor, surprises, and use-it-now information that previous clients and attendees have raved about.


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