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"Never underestimate the influence of in-flight magazines on your corporate strategy."

-- Is this how you want to make important product decisions?

For technology producers:

How does your next product stack up against its competitors? Do you trust your own marketing staff or engineers to really know the answer? Are you looking at all the angles: technology, market trends, manufacturing, power, and development tools? How much will it cost your company if you're wrong? how much is it worth to get it right?

We specialize in product evaluations of new and partially complete microprocessor architectures. In completely confidential design reviews, we evaluate your architecture, future roadmap, silicon manufacturing technology (for physical chips), licensing terms (for IP), development tools, and other factors. Against these we weigh your competitors' products, whether you're aware of them or not.

The result is a blunt, objective review of your product's strengths and weaknesses. Maybe you'll want to alter the feature mix or change a few characteristics. Maybe your product is destined for greatness as it is. We provide the diagnosis; it's your call on the corrective surgery.

For technology consumers:

Did you know that there are more than 115 different 32-bit processors available today? Can your product team name even 10% of them? Don't make important product decisions without all the facts. The best processor chip or CPU core out there may well be one you didn't even know existed. There's a 90% chance you'll make the wrong decision.

 Choosing a chip for your new product? Or embedding a core in your next ASIC or system-on-chip? We're here to help. You set the parameters: power consumption, performance, growth potential, lowest possible cost, or some combination of these. We'll sort and sift the alternatives, ask tough questions of your marketing, engineering, and purchasing staff, and recommend your best choices. It's complex, it's difficult, and it's what we do.

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