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How Do You Choose a Microprocessor?

  • By Price?  Performance?  Power consumption?  Popularity?

  • Do you consider the availability of development tools, the reputation of the vendor, and the product's future roadmap?

  • Do you know the difference between configurable and synthesizable; scalar and superscalar; multithreaded and multitasking; RISC and VLIW?  Do you know how much it might matter?

  • And finally, did you know there are more than 115 different processors available today -- and that's just for 32-bit embedded systems!

Whether you're evaluating chips, cores, or architectures, the processor market is a thicket of confusing choices and misinformation, and the conventional wisdom is nearly always wrong. Can you afford to bet your company's next product -- and possibly your career -- on gut feel and hearsay?

We provide in-depth, informed, technical analysis on 32-bit processor chips, processor cores, and architectures. Opinions, yes, but independent, informed, well-reasoned opinions that help you cut through the noise and make the right choice. Whether it's choosing the cheapest alternative from among dozens, or guaranteeing the highest performance, or ensuring your product's future growth roadmap, you can't make the right choice without the right information.

Approximately 0% of all microprocessors run Windows.

Contrary to popular opinion, Intel's Pentium dynasty does not control 90-something percent of the microprocessor business. Far from it. The great majority of all processor chips are so-called "embedded" processors, used in everything from consumer electronics, to automotive, to game systems, to handheld devices, to networking and communications systems. With so many choices, how can you possibly keep track of them all, much less choose the best one for your needs -- today and tomorrow?

You ask us, that's how. We stay up-to-date on microprocessors, processor cores, and industry trends. Whether it's designing a new processor or selecting a processor for the Next Big Thing, you owe it to yourself to choose wisely. Make an informed decision. Contact us now.


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