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Intellectual Property and Your Business

Semiconductor IP is the Wave of the Future

ASIC, system-on-chip, ASSP -- call it what you will. The trend away from standard processor chips and toward custom and semi-custom devices is in full swing. That means pre-packaged processors aren't what's needed anymore. What engineers and designers want is processor cores -- cores they can embed into their own high-volume devices.

But what cores are available? How do you choose? What differentiates ARM, ARC, MIPS, SuperH, and the others? How important are Rambus, Dolby, Parthus, inSilicon, and other IP vendors? Do you have all the information you need? Can you make the right choices?

Costing Millions, or Making Millions?

Whether you're an IP vendor looking for a competitive advantage or a product designer looking for fresh insight, we can help. Confused about licensing terms and royalties? Want to pick a winner for your next project? Wondering whether that license agreement will cost you millions or make you millions?

What's the difference between fixed cores, soft cores, configurable cores, hard cores, and synthesizable cores? Per-unit or percentage royalties? Site licensing versus project licenses? It's a jungle out there but we can help you cut through the thicket.

Contact us for more information. In the market for semiconductor IP, nothing is what it seems. But there are answers.


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