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Need a quick four-page article? Or a 200-page industry report?

Yeah, we can do that.

When it comes to writing, editing, and creating technical books, articles, or magazines, you need three things: an understanding of the subject matter, an understanding of your audience, and an ability to write clearly and engagingly. Looks like we're three-for-three.

Jim's credentials include a five-year stint as Senior Editor of Microprocessor Report, a three-time winner of the Computer Press Award for Best Computer Newsletter. Renowned for both its technical acumen and its attractive, professional layout, Microprocessor Report has been required reading in the technical community (and, more recently, investment community) for over a decade. Jim was also Editor-in-Chief of Embedded Processor Watch, the weekly electronic sister publication of MPR.

Add to that five full-length books, three regular monthly columns, a dozen book-editing credits, and more than a hundred contributed articles, and you've got one well-seasoned technology writer.

Contact us about your publication requirements. We're ready and able for both short columns, feature articles, and book-length reports. Past and current projects have covered such topics as:

  • Java and its influences
  • Consumer electronics and portable handheld devices
  • Real-time operating systems
  • Open-source and the commercial software business
  • Intellectual property: technology and business analysis
  • RISC in embedded systems
  • Selecting a high-performance microprocessor (700+ pages)
  • Learning Windows 95 (book + CD-ROM )
  • Learning Windows NT (book + CD-ROM )
  • Upgrading PC hardware for novices
  • Programming Intel's x86 processors in assembly language
  • Comparative microprocessor architectures
  • Stack-based CPU architectures
  • Configurable microprocessors
  • User-defined instruction sets
  • The importance of development tools
  • Video games
  • IP licensing and royalties
  • RISC on the desktop
  • C++ programming
  • Object-oriented programming
  • Low-power microprocessors
  • Processor cores: cost, performance, and ease of use
  • ... and still more!

If it involves transistors, bytes, sub-microns, orthogonal register files, superscalar execution, branch folding, or the Start menu, you ought to give us a call.

Please e-mail comments, problems, rants, or raves to me here.