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"Unanimously, participants in the sessions... appreciated your candor. "

-- conference organizer, San Francisco


You're in Good Company 

Consulting, presenting, evaluation, or analysis -- our clients have included a who's who of the semiconductor, microprocessor, and computer industries. Just some happy clients include:

IBM Intel AMD Motorola
NEC ARC Cores National Semi Infineon
ARM Triscend Adept Technology VLSI Technology
Digital LSI Logic MIPS Palmchip


Your Information Your Way 

Developing a new processor, ASIC, soft core, SoC, or embedded device? We've helped the biggest names in the business by proving objective, informed product evaluations that make a difference. Get an outside opinion before you commit millions of dollars and thousands of man-hours.

"Absolutely tremendous."

-- CEO, development-tool company, describing "Selecting an Embedded Processor"

Looking to bring your board of directors up to speed? Want an overview of the processor marketplace before that big meeting? Or just need some light entertainment for a company conference? We're there. Whether it's in-depth analysis or executive summaries, we've presented it, written it, and delivered it to the industry's biggest names.

"You explain technology, processes, and concepts so well that I've clipped... the articles for reference pieces."

-- Marketing executive, NEC

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